Removable Appliances

Many times removable appliances are used in conjunction with fixed appliances (braces). Treatment with removable appliances is based on the patient’s needs and certain types of malocclusion.

When performed early, orthodontic treatment can effectively prevent and intercept malocclusion at an early age. However, more than one period of treatment may be necessary due to growth and changes as the child gets older. Children should be involved in their treatment so they understand how they can help the treatment along. Parents must also be part of the team, as following the recommended guidelines will help their child’s treatment be successful.

Functional Appliances

These are routinely used in growing patients to correct an imbalance in the relationship of the jaws, usually where the upper teeth are prominent.

The Twin Block™ appliance, developed by Dr. William Clark of Scotland, uses posterior bite blocks cut at a 70° angle which direct the continuous movement of the jaw structure. There are two phases: the active phase, which uses these bite blocks to correct the structure; and the support phase, which maintains the corrected structure until the proper alignment is achieved. The advantage of the Twin Block™ is it doesn’t distort speech or restrict the tongue. This device can be worn full-time which may shorten the length of total treatment.

Retaining appliances may be used during this growth period to help ensure the growth is in line with the treatment plan.