Going to the orthodontist to get braces is something that many young people dread. However, the payoff afterward is worth every minute of having braces. Of course this is easy to say when you have had such a great orthodontist as I did with Dr. Callahan. Dr. Callahan always has a smile on his face; you could tell he loves his job. My smile is so incredibly better than the one I came in with. I would highly recommend Dr. Callahan to anyone who wants an improved smile and the best possible orthodontic experience.

Justin D.

Dr. Callahan is a wonderful orthodontist who takes a great deal of time articulating his course of treatment. Our family has tremendous confidence in Dr. Callahan’s orthodontic treatment. I highly recommend him!

Melissa L.

We found Dr. Callahan through our insurance company and are extremely pleased. He has a gentle, caring approach to working with children. We were happy with his conservative plan for our orthodontic issues.

The D. Family

Every time my kids smile, I think to myself, “Worth every penny!” I’ve had three kids go through this process, and they all look great. Thanks, Dr. Callahan and staff!

Maria S.

Dr. Callahan is the best! I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. He is kind and caring with his patients and he always goes above and beyond to give the best quality care possible. Due to Dr. Callahan’s wisdom and foresight, my daughter’s teeth look beautiful. You can see his passion for his work and his patients. If only more people were honest and caring like Dr. Callahan, the world would be a better place!

Jackie N.

My teeth went through a complete transition. I started out with a lot of spaces and I needed a tooth rotated. Dr. Callahan did exactly what was needed. This is why I’m glad I chose him to work on my teeth and make them perfect, as they are today. You should make your appointment today and start a new beginning with your smile.


We are very glad to have found Dr. Callahan.  He really takes the time to include our kids with their own treatment plans laying a foundation for success.  The entire staff is friendly and helpful throughout the entire process.  My oldest daughter had great results and we will be coming here for our other children when they are ready. I would recommend Dr. Callahan to anyone.

Rebecca A.

Dr. Callahan’s knowledge and experience in orthodontics has extremely benefitted my two kids. My son’s final result was outstanding! His teeth look beautiful! My daughter currently has her braces on, and her teeth are shaping up beautifully as well! Dr. Callahan and his staff are very professional in every way; we would highly recommend his practice!

Lorrie S.

Dr. Callahan treated both of my girls and he did such an amazing job – their smiles are beautiful! I also had Dr. Callahan correct my teeth as an adult and the experience was very positive. Dr. Callahan truly cares about his patients and wants the best for them.

Julie A.

A beautiful smile is one of the biggest confidence builders an adolescent or young adult can have. Dr. Callahan has provided that beautiful smile to my two children. The staff at Dr. Callahan’s office is friendly and courteous. The office’s flexibility in scheduling appointments is vital for a busy family. I would highly recommend Dr. Callahan for any orthodontic needs.

Cindy O.